Oliver Broadbent

Apparently when I was a baby the only thing that would settle me down was if I was taken outdoors to look around at the trees and listen to the sounds and I would calm down immediately. I still feel a strong connection to the environment and believe that the spaces in which we exist really affect our emotions. Buildings should be designed to connect to the environment with green spaces and outdoor access. New buildings should be future proof to adapt to changing circumstances, to suit the local environment and to work for the occupants in terms of comfort and sustainability.

I am a big picture thinker and have always enjoyed solving problems and working with my hands. By the time I was in Senior School I gravitated towards design and studied both Architecture and Industrial Design. This led me to complete the Bachelor of Built Environment (Architecture) at University of Canberra this year. I have also studied a Minor in Industrial Design during my degree. Over the last three years I have expanded my knowledge in all aspects of architecture and urban design. I have developed great skills in CAD using Rhino and really enjoyed 3D printing studio models. I am looking forward to the future and to expanding my skill set further.